Click on a symbol below to explore the technique described.

      Hydrogen-bonding is at the heart of base pairing in DNA.

          Explore clade rotation about nodes.

       The most parsimonious tree is the one with the fewest steps.

The Baltimore Scheme
  • Virus classification based on their method of producing mRNA.

  •    Uses a standard 'Flashcards' format.

           Uses a 'Tree' format.

    Math is radical!

              The Sine Wave
  • Adjust the amplitude (A), the angular frequency (w), and the phase (f).

  • Shall we play a game?
  • A variation of Pong, but suited for one player.

  •          Whack-A-Mole
  • How many moles can you 'Whack' in 30 seconds?

  •          Spirograph
  • Fun for all ages.

  •                        Here are some graphs to try.